The BSCF is a Community Interest Company that provides independence and impartiality when assessing and validating the competence of  building control professionals.

The building control validation assessment has been developed to enable experienced building control practitioners to demonstrate their competence in relation to building regulations. It is with this in mind that the Building Control Professional (BCP) Competence Validation Assessment will focus on the majority of work that the many BCP’s are likely to be involved in. However, the competencies being assessed will include an understanding of the limits of a surveyors own competence and when they should seek advice, learning and additional support.


Whilst many  have years of experience as Building Control Surveyors there has never been a true demonstrable measure of the competence of a building control surveyor. By April 2024 all levels of building control surveyor will need to have their competence validated in order to register with the Building Safety Regulator as a Registered Building Inspector (RBI). 

The BSCF has created an assessment to allow experienced surveyors to validate their competence.


Building Type

Band A (Domestic)

Dwelling house (excluding flats) of traditional construction and not having more than one basement storey

Band B (General)

Premises of any type and form of construction, where the guidance contained in the Approved Documents can be applied, including – where appropriate –
references to other standards & guidance – and being within the size limits mentioned below.

Band C (Specialist)

Premises of any type, height, size, form of construction and method of design – including any premises that will be within the scope of the Building Safety
Dwelling houses

<=3 storeys (<7.5m) high single occupancy

<18m high
single or multi occupancy



Not permitted - except under

7 storeys or <18m high
whichever is lowest
Hotels and Other Residential (Other than flats) Not permitted except under supervision <18m high Unlimited
Offices Not permitted except under supervision

<18m high


Retail Not permitted except under supervision <18m high


Buildings to which the public are admitted Not permitted except under supervision <18m high Unlimited
Educational Not permitted except under supervision <18m high Unlimited
Car Parks Not permitted except under supervision

<18m high

Industrial buildings, not containing hazardous
Not permitted except under supervision <18m high Unlimited
Non-standard buildings, for example –
  • In-patient health care premises.
  • Industrial buildings containing hazardous substances/processes.
  • Non-standard warehousing.
  • Regulated stands/Certificated stadia and indoor sports/music arenas
  • MMC/Mass timber/Volumetric etc
Not permitted except under supervision Not permitted except under supervision Unlimited


Band A Domestic


Intended for the less experienced building control professionals (BCP) who has been working in the role for around 12 months and has relevant, current and sufficient experience working with low-rise domestic premises whilst they have been carrying out on-the-job learning and attaining qualifications. For example, experienced trainees and assistant surveyors. The BSCF also recognises that in some BCBs there will be those BCP’s who are exceptionally good at applying their knowledge and skill to domestic building work and have no aspiration to work on more complex premises or the area in which they work does not require it.

Band B


It is anticipated that the majority of BCP’s will achieve and maintain General Building Control (Band B) status. Intended for more experienced BCP’s that can work without supervision on a variety of both domestic and commercial projects.Premises of any type and form of construction, where the guidance contained in the Approved Documents can be applied and this is generally referred to a ‘standard’ construction.

Band C


The skills set and experience needed for candidates for Band C  are not dissimilar to the Band B, however, these individuals should have a higher level of competence regarding fire and building safety for premises of any type, height, size, form of construction and method of design – including ‘non-standard’ construction and higher risk buildings (HRBs), as well as being able to work within a multi-disciplinary team and have a strong comprehension of the regulatory regime under which they operate.


Fees are chargeable for Initial certification, recertification and surveillance (during year 2 of the certification cycle).

From 1 April 2024 the price will be:

  • Initial Certification - £850+VAT
  • Surveillance (Y2) - £450+VAT
  • Recertification (Y4) - £850+VAT
  • Extending the Scope of an existing certification - £500+VAT

Successful candidates will receive a certificate showing that they have passed the validation assessment. 


  • STEP 1 – New BSCF Applicants ONLY - you will need to register for an account, once complete, you will receive an email to validate your account and commence the application process. Please use the Candidate Portal - User Guide and Supplementary Information, which is located on our website under Useful Resources.
    Existing BSCF Candidates - If you have previously applied for a competence assessment, OR have taken the LABC FSHRB assessment, please contact to be advised of your existing log in details and how to proceed with portal access and to review your details.
  • STEP 2 – Your application will be reviewed once all the relevant information has been submitted and you will be notified by the BSCF team if further information is required or that you are approved to sit the assessment.
  • STEP 3 – You can review your candidate profile at any time for updates.


  • STEP 4 – Once approved, to book your assessment, please liaise with the BSCF team by emailing, and they will arrange to book your preferred assessment date.

Zero Tolerance Policy

The BSCF operates to support and assist Building Control Professionals in providing demonstrable evidence of their competence to the Building Safety Regulator. BSCF staff are there to help candidates through the process. However, due to instances of BSCF staff being verbally berated by candidates, whilst BSCF staff have tried to support them with the online platform and approach to written assessments, the BSCF feels it necessary to introduce a ‘zero-tolerance’ policy towards aggressive and/or abusive behaviour.

Such behaviour is considered to be unwarranted, inappropriate, unprofessional and unethical and will not be tolerated. Candidates should apply the same standards of courtesy and dignity to BSCF staff as they would expect to be applied to themselves.

Aggressive or abusive behaviour includes (but is not restricted to) any personal, abusive or threatening comments, bad language, and aggressive gestures. This means that it is not acceptable to be aggressive or direct abuse toward any member of the BSCF staff. Any candidate behaving in such a manner will be removed from the BSCF scheme with immediate effect.

Should you have any problems accessing the portal, please email


If you have any questions regarding validation, please contact the Building Safety Competence Foundation team at