Executive Directors

Lorna Stimpson - BSCF Board of Directors




Lorna Stimpson, LABC





Martin Taylor - BSCF Board of Directors





Martin Taylor, LABC






Independent Non-Executive Directors

Nick Coombe, National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC)

Graham Watts, Construction Industry Council (CIC)

LABC Non-Executive Directors




Neil Allen (Head of Regulatory Services, Milton Keynes Council)








Mike Terry (Building Control Manager, Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council)







Dave Sharp (Building Control Manager, Wrexham County  Borough Council)




David Darlington - BSCF Board of Directors



David Darlington - (Building Control & Land Charges Partnership Manager, Central Building Control Partnership)






Contact details

Board of Directors executiveteam@thebscf.org
General Enquiries enquiries@thebscf.org
Competence Validations certification@thebscf.org
Finance accounts@thebscf.org