Lord Gary Porter - BSCF Board of Directors



Lord Gary Porter of Spalding



Executive Directors

Lorna Stimpson - BSCF Board of Directors




Lorna Stimpson, LABC





Martin Taylor - BSCF Board of Directors





Martin Taylor, LABC






Independent Non-Executive Directors

Nick Coombe, National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC)

Graham Watts, Construction Industry Council (CIC)

Paul Timmins, AIS Chartered Surveyors

LABC Non-Executive Directors

Neil Allen (Head of Regulatory Services, Milton Keynes Council)

Mike Terry (Building Control Manager, Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council)

Dave Sharp - BSCF Board of Directors


Dave Sharp (Building Control Manager, Wrexham County  Borough Council)



David Darlington - BSCF Board of Directors


David Darlington - (Building Control & Land Charges Partnership Manager, Central Building Control Partnership)




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